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Tiki Shack

Hyderabad, India

An old nightclub was taken over by our good friends Ajay and Karan and they wanted a makeover of the entire place but with a catch - the changes had to be made on a minimal budget. Since we had already done up three of their other restaurants, we took up this challenge and decided to come up with a rocking design and to do up the place in our very own "quirky" style for this one.


The theme that we came up with, revolved around a Hawaiian bar and the design of the project evolved from there. The aqua colours used for the restaurant represent water and makes the entire place looks like a shack on a beach. In another quirky twist, we purchased about 200 baskets from fruit vendors and they were converted into light fixtures. These, are now a key feature that makes the entire place stand out. The vibes of the place emanate that of a shack , the only thing missing now is the actual sea and the sounds of the crashing waves. Tiki Shack which is now one of the most successful resto-lounges of Hyderabad was done up in a record time of 40 days. We had such a creatively satisfying experience with this  fun project!

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