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Aamir and Hameeda Interior Designers (AANDH) deliver chic, refined interiors with luxurious finishes and occasional bursts of daring colour or modern geometrics. 

AANDH is headed by the husband wife duo Aamir and Hameeda. Their extensive and versatile body of work ranges from interior design of residences, corporate offices, retail stores and hospitality spaces. 


They have in the past decade of practice won up to 20 National and Regional Awards for Excellence in Design including the Hafele Trends Excellence Award in Interior Design in 2016 and 2017 and have won many National and Regional Awards by IIID. 

Their minimalistic, urban chic deigns make them stand apart in the residential and retail space design. They make use of a lot of salvaged recyclable material in their various projects and reinterpret them with a quirky and contemporary design sensibility, aka - modern traditionalism.

They love discovering their clients’ vision and approach each project with an open mind to

create something unique. Their interest in global and local trends in fashion, lifestyle, travel and design is reflected in their varied palette of retail spaces, breweries, restaurants and residential projects.


Aamir Sharma is a dynamic yet thoughtful designer whose work is invariably modern ‘with an eclectic twist’. He likes to describe his designs as ‘creative and playful'. He’s also a firm believer that good client relationships improve the creative process and executes a slick, modern look or traditional interiors with equal confidence. 


Hameeda Sharma likes to deliver a project with a sense of the unexpected, but respecting her clients’ personalities. She masterminds smart yet subtly glamorous interiors. 

Their work is about producing contemporary classic design with transitional notes, creating serene, timeless and elegant interiors.


Their past projects range from individual home owners to hospitality and restaurant chains such as Prost, Urban Asia, F Cafe, to retail spaces like Orion, Suhani Pittie, L.Bajrang Pershad Jewellers, etc.

They were listed as No. 7 in the Forbes List of Interior Designers and Architects to

watch out for in 2010.


Their work has appeared and published on the cover pages of many publications like Architectural Digest, Inside Outside, Houzz, India Today, etc. and their projects have also been published in many coffee table books.

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