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Manthena Farm House

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

This project started to take shape when our dear friend Naveen, landscape architect, from

Naveen Associates approached us to help a client to build a farm house on a 9 acre plot that faced a beautiful lake. The natural beauty and the gorgeous landscape fascinated us and we could not help but notice how fantastic the terrain was. This set in motion the creative process to build a farm house that not only celebrated the natural beauty around it but actually became a part of it.


We designed the farm to be set up on an elevated platform which ensured that the entire

view surrounding the farm could be visible from every angle. Intense landscaping was

featured around the architecture to give a view of either the lush greenery or the pool from

any of the rooms. In this project we used a very minimalistic design in the architecture and

interiors delicately highlighting the natural elements so that the contours, lines and angles

of the farm made the design of this ‘natural wonder’ complete.


We thank Anand and Kranthi Manthena for giving us complete freedom in designing their

dream farmhouse. We hope to get more creatively brilliant opportunities like this.

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