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Prost Brewery

Hyderabad, India

This three-level microbrewery has a modern, ‘industrial chic’ decor, complete with exposed pipes,

valves, fans, pulleys and gears, essentially Street Punk. A veritable junkyard put in a quirky manner, in

the very inimitable style of Aamir & Hameeda.

Vidhata Raj, Harsha Subbaraju and Sujith Anand asked us to convert an old, but a beautifully elevated

house into a stunning microbrewery. Prost Hyderabad which is already known as a quirky and fun brand

had our minds churning into bringing out some urban and avante garde designs.

The whole structure was brought down by us, the walls hacked so that all the bricks stood exposed, and

we continued to break down some more walls so that only the skeletal beams remained. A 20 foot high

industrial shed in the lawn area was left untouched. A particular tree below which we would all sit and

discuss the design is now a standing testament of the entire creative process. We built a shed over it and

it remains inside the premises with a bar counter around it. The entire place carries a grunge look with

multiple levels of an open duct system, high tension cable running through the ceiling like veins,

suspended trays with electrical cable showcasing a vast collection of vintage miniature cars. What truly

takes one’s breath away are the vintage motorcycles from early 1930s and 1940s that our suspended

mid- air. To add more colours to the place, a hugely talented graffiti artist was called and the amazing

artwork is for all to see. The tanks that brewed beer were delicately included to the original design and

were strategically placed, making them a stunning feature highlighting the design of the brewery. A

whole range of salvaged recyclable material is the key to the entire grunge look. It was also a great

opportunity for the many metal artisans who were able to do this kind of work even in this day an age of

‘disposable items’. The most striking feature of this project turned out to be – the bathroom, where we

embedded two industrial wash basins made of steel into rubber tires and the taps were made using the

fuel taps. Saw mill blades were used as mirrors further adding an element of ‘industrial chic’.

All in all, a great project that had our creative juices flowing. At the end of the day; what took the cake

was seeing all the smiles on the faces of the daily wage earning metal artisans when they saw the

breathtaking sculptures that they helped build with their hands.